Q:  When is the Gulf Coast Public Market expected to open? 

A:  The goal is to have the Gulf Coast Public Market open in 2020.


Q:  How do you expect this market to succeed without the addition of chain-based stores?

A:  There are many chain-based stores in the surrounding area.  The Public Market in Dickinson will help keep the small town feeling alive and focus on creating an atmosphere rather than a place to only shop.  It will help showcase many local entrepreneurs by expanding their business or help many people’s dreams become reality.    


Q:  Why are we building this market when Dickinson is in need of infrastructure projects to help rebuild the city and renovate existing buildings and streets?

A:  The property is owned by the Dickinson Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) which is funded in part by the retail sales taxes for purchases made in Dickinson. The funds generated for DEDC can only be used for economic development for Dickinson. It cannot be used for fire stations, police stations and infrastructure projects such as roads, etc.  Additionally, the market will help to generate and increase of sales tax revenue for the City which would enable the City to do the infrastructure projects such as roads, police station, etc.


Q:  Will any funds for this project come from the cities tax revenue?

A:  No additional sales taxes or debt will be incurred by the City so it shouldn't affect any plans for roads, fire or police stations, etc.


Q:  Is the Public Market a water park?

A:  The Public Market is not a Water Park. A splash pad is part of the project but not the significant portion of the overall design. The Public Market is intended to be a place where on could dine, shop for specialty and local foods from businesses which would be owner operated as opposed to big chain/box stores.


Q:  Why is the location of the Public Market on HWY 3 and not on I-45 where the old Sussan building was?

A:  The Hwy 3 location was recommended and chosen to help revitalize the downtown area of Dickinson.  The presence of a market right by the Dickinson Bayou will help bring more visitors to the City of Dickinson as well as to the Dickinson Bayou.   


Q:  Will this market only be for Dickinson residents and vendors? 

A:  Absolutely not.  Our intent is that the market will include vendors and customers from all over the region.  We encourage potential entrepreneurs to fill out the Tenant Interest Form in the 'Feedback and Forms' section on the webpage.


Q:  What is plan for additional parking spaces in and around the market? Will there be a cost to park? If so, how much and will there be a time limit on the parking? 

A:  At this point, the number of parking spaces is adequate enough for standard retail development.  The average is 5 parking spots per 1000 square feet of "net" retail space.  If needed, merchants and employees will be asked to be parked across the street in city-owned parking spaces.    


Q:  What is the standard criteria for business owners and/or entrepreneurs who wish to lease space within the market?

A:  Merchants will focus on fresh and prepared foods with some crafts and other needed neighborhood businesses.  The market will include a mix of new and experienced business owners as well as second locations of existing successful businesses.   The emphasis will be on owner-operated businesses.


Q:  Will the market open lease contracts for start-ups businesses or just established businesses?

A:  Yes, the market will include both start-ups and established businesses.  Chain stores and franchises will not be included.


Q:  Will there be an intentional plan to represent the ethic and cultural diversity of the Dickinson community within the market in terms of business owners and products to be offered?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  Public Markets in general and specifically this market will be a common ground that reflects the diversity of the entire community.


Q:  Will the architecture design of the building take away from the current design of downtown Dickinson?

A:  The design of the building will reflect the unique character of the local architecture.  Our goal is for the Public Market is to incentivize the creation of a dynamic downtown in Dickinson.


Q:  How will the community be involved in the planning of the Gulf Coast Public Market?

A:  In addition to a broadly represented Advisory Committee, we will be reaching out to various civic, community, religious, and business groups around the region.  We also welcome any suggestions, concers or comments via the webpage.


Q:  What will the impact be on the surrounding community?

A:  The experience of other Public Markets around the country is that other businesses, offices and housing tend to want to locate near Public Markets.


Q:  How will we be reaching out to the broader community?

A:  This website, facebook and other social and news media outlets will all be tools for reaching out to the community.  If you are a member of a group who would like to receive a presentation on the Gulf Coast Public Market, please contact Jodi Montemayor at jmontemayor@ci.dickinson.tx.us.


Q:  With many shopping malls going out of business and people increasingly buying through internet and catalog shopping, why do you think this will succeed?

A:  While no development can guarantee success, Public Markets have grown exponantially over the last few decades because people love the local flavorful experiencial and community aspecs of the market.  While it will always be possible to buy a dress shirt online, fresh fish and fresh baked bread are something else entirely.


Q:  How can I volunteer?

A:  Please fill out the Volunteer Form in the 'Feedback and Forms' section on the webpage.


Q:  How can I become a tenant at the Public Market?

A:  Please fill out the Tenant Interest Form in the 'Feedback and Forms' section on the webpage.


Q:  Will the Public Market need financial help in getting established?

A:  Yes.  We will need to raise millions of dollars to see this project succeed.  If you have questions about giving, please contact Jodi Montemayor, jmontemayor@ci.dickinson.tx.us or Aaron Zaretsky, pohlzaret@aol.com.  


Q:  Who should I address issues, suggestions or questions to?  

A:  You can contact Jodi Montemayor, jmontemayor@ci.dickinson.tx.us or Aaron Zaretsky, pohlzaret@aol.com.