Is there a Tradition of Public Markets in Texas?

Texas has a rich tradition of Public Markets. Sadly, most have been torn down during the era of urban ‘removal’ before their value as proven tools for community and economic development were realized.

For centuries, virtually all significant Texas cities had a Public Market as a needed utility to provide food, jobs and a civic space that helped to define and enliven their community. These historic Public Markets were not just places to shop; they were designed as publicly sponsored “temples” to food, commerce, and community.



Fort Worth Public Market




Cart outside the Brownville, Texas Public Market




Beaumont Texas Public Market




Brownsville Texas Public Market




Market House Laredo Texas




San Antonio Public Market




Houston Public Market




Westside Public Market Houston Texas




Galveston’s City Market 1866




Cleburne Texas Market Square, 1800’s       Galveston Tx. BBQ Market sign – “No Kidding”