Vision Mission and Goals

Gulf Coast Public Market Vision Statement:

The Public Market will serve the daily shopping needs of all Dickinson residents while attracting regional shoppers from Houston to Galveston. It will be an “experience” that will include a Market building as well as amenities that tie the Market building to a special underutilized feature of Dickinson – the Dickinson Bayou.  It will help to create a new ‘downtown’ and it will showcase, respect and protect the qualities that make Dickinson unique and special. The Public Market will create hundreds of new jobs, generate millions of dollars in new tax revenues, provide scores of entrepreneurial opportunities for local residents, and create a new and exciting ‘experience’, shopping and entertainment venue for locals and visitors alike. 


Gulf Coast Public Market Mission Statement:

The Public Market will create a powerful engine for economic, community, and agricultural development that fills the Market with successful and distinctive, owner-operated private businesses and public events.  It will represent the unique character and culture of the Dickinson region, increase visitation, provide a net benefit to the existing business community, and serve its citizen’s everyday shopping needs for fresh and prepared food, fine local, handmade crafts, entertainment and education.


Gulf Coast Public Market Goals

  1. Provide a source of affordable, fresh and local foods for the existing residential population.

  2. Generate a significant new customer stream that creates a net sales increase among existing Dickinson businesses.

  3. Leverage the creation of significant commercial and residential redevelopment and property value appreciation within 4 blocks of the Public Market.

  4. Create scores of new, year-round, decent paying jobs that are especially targeted towards residents of the region in and around Dickinson.

  5. Create dozens of new entrepreneurial opportunities for farmers, crafters, and business entrepreneurs.

  6. Generate at least $1,700,000 in new, annual sales and real estate local tax revenues. This includes taxes generated by indirect and induced expenditures and includes taxes on capital expenditures such as the building itself, leasehold improvements, business and real estate taxes, as well as the sales tax on items that will be sold. This estimate is based on results from the Market Survey and actual tax revenues from other Public Markets that are roughly the same size.

  7. Help to revitalize Dickinson after the devestation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

  8. Encourage rural preservation and development in the Dickinson region by enhancing the existing markets for agricultural, cottage industries, and handmade craft products.

  9. Diversify the Dickinson economy and attract new businesses to the area by creating a significant new ‘quality of life’ attraction.

  10. Provide 12 new fixed outdoor retail selling spaces for many regional small farmers and artisans.

  11. Assist 4 ‘cottage industry’ producers in establishing legitimate, tax generating businesses.

  12. Provide a place where all kinds of people come together for shopping, dining and socialization, and in doing so, create an interesting environment for “people watching.” 

  13. Create a reason for local residents to come to shop locally, thereby keeping money circulating in the community.

  14. Provide a full calendar of Market sponsored special events and activities that are free and open to the public.

  15. Increase a sense of pride among area residents by showcasing the unique diversity, character and history of the region 

  16. At full occupancy, generate millions of dollars in annual sales for local owner-operators.

  17. Create a "showcase" local project that flows from the collaboration of neighborhood residents, local business owners, civic leaders, and regional officials that builds local trust and paves the way for future collaborative projects.

  18. Provide a centrally located, desirable meeting space for community groups.

  19. Build a sense of community ownership and participation by creating a "common ground” where different ages, ethnicities, classes, genders, races, and beliefs, come together in a vital, secure, and exciting environment.

  20. Enhance the existing reasons that visitors come to Dickinson. Create a tourist destination that extends the stay of existing tourists and attracts new visitors to Dickinson while generating a reason for tourists to visit in the off-season months.

  21. Help to create a pedestrian oriented zone that spurs the creation of a new downtown that links the Dickinson Bayou, and other existing and new attractions.

  22. Create a dramatic community and economic development project that respects, enhances and honors the history, traditions and character of Dickinson.

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