Why do we think this is feasible?

Dickinson is a wonderful community. It will reap enormous returns from becoming far more than a bedroom community. Development of a Public Market will be the tremendously important spark that will result in this transformation.  It will provide hundreds of new jobs, scores of new entrepreneurial opportunities and millions of dollars in new tax revenues for the community.  It will transform the Dickinson community by reversing the flow of shopping and entertainment expenditures that are currently leaving the City. It will create a vibrant, safe and exciting new place where area residents, visitors, employees, and business and property owners can come together. It will help leverage the creation of surrounding new businesses and a desperately needed downtown.  Creation of the Public Market will provide an urgently needed local shopping venue that will showcase fresh and local and prepared foods and crafts. It will increase area real estate values.  The Public Market will build on Dickinson’s wonderful qualities while resulting in a reinvigorated economy and community for all its citizens.

The 83-page Feasibility Study was professionally prepared and found the Gulf Coast Public Market to be feasible. The entire Feasibility Study may be found here.

Future Public Market Vendor

Future Public Market Vendor?