Why is this important to Dickinson? 

Dickinson is a magnificent community that stands alone as a distinctive, family-oriented community among a sea of uninspiring, exurban suburbs that emanate out from Houston.

Dickinson at a crossroads

However, Dickinson is at a crossroads. With all of its wonderful qualities, Dickinson lacks a downtown that could bring its citizens together. It has shockingly few retail and entertainment opportunities that would generate significant tax revenues and keep profits recirculating in the community. It also has a variety of concerning demographic and health indicators that need to, and can be positively addressed.  Recently, Hurricane Harvey hit the community especially hard and made the benefits of the Public Market that much more critical.

Based on “City-Data” information, there are a number of health and other related concerns, some of which appear to be a function of the relative large amount of driving and commuting that occurs, due to a lack of retail and local job opportunities. The following chart is derived from that data. In some cases, Dickinson statistics reflect Galveston County numbers. The Public Market is likely to have a positive impact on all of these items of concern.

Concerning Issue



% worse in Dickinson





Fatal car accidents /100k

2005 - 2013

70 avg.

50 avg.


Preschool obesity rate




Adult obesity rate




Adult Diabetes




Bachelors Degree




Air Quality Index – (lower is better)


74 (USA)


Average natural disasters per fixed area




Dickinson Concerning Statistics


Sadly, these numbers are dramatic. The relatively poor comparative statistics reflected in this chart should see some improvement with the increased availability of fresh and local foods and local jobs and opportunity which will be available once the Public Market is a reality.

Heart of the City

Dickinson needs a heart that can bring its children back to enjoy the jobs, opportunities, and vibrant environment that will be created.  The Public Market will also help to attract other job-producing firms that will appreciate this beloved attraction.  Local government is projected, at full occupancy of the Public Market, to enjoy more than 1.7 million dollars in new annual tax revenues from the 46 new vendors, approximately 20 farmers and 40 craft businesses which will be created.

The proposed Public Market is projected to create around 390 new direct jobs and 976 total new jobs – including direct, indirect and induced jobs. This does not include the 276 construction jobs attributable to the building of the Market, or the jobs created by the Market’s ultimately leveraging of millions of dollars in surrounding development expenditures attributable to the Market’s successful development. Roughly one half of these jobs should be taken by local residents.

The Gulf Coast Public Market will bring the excitement of a vibrant indoor and outdoor, year-round Market to Dickinson. It will be a feast for the senses. It will celebrate the products, culture, and diversity of Dickinson’s citizens and will allow Dickinson to return to its historic role as a major center for shopping and entertainment in Galveston County.

Shop Local

Customers from all income levels, ethnic groups and residents from all over the Southeast Texas region, will find top quality, fresh, and local foods, sold by authentic, locally owned small business owner-operators, growers, and producers. The Gulf Coast Public Market will be a unique fresh and prepared food shopping experience that will serve a growing base of consumers interested in buying fresh, local and regional foods, year-round. The emphasis on “buy local, buy fresh” will help to support and revitalize the agricultural heritage of the region around Dickinson.

Because shops will be locally owned and operated, profits will recirculate in the community and help to support other local businesses.

There are many cities that are similar in size and demographics to Dickinson that were faced with a very small number of local retail businesses. These citys’ found that with the development of a Public Market and/or a strong emphasis on retail economic development, they were often able to multiply the number of retail businesses per capita tenfold. These new retail businesses substantially increase the community’s tax base, create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, expand the number of businesses and visitors wanting to relocate in order to experience the local community, and create a new attraction beloved by local residents.



















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